The restaurant will serve Casual Contemporary American Cuisine and an incredible selection of classic cocktails. SE-18 will be a trend setter and be one of Miami’s true Slow Food Restaurant. Its menu shall consist of seasonal dishes. Working hand in hand with local farmers, fisherman and ranches the restaurant will always use products that support our local food industry as well as utilizing ingredients at there peak season when they are bursting with flavor. The interior shall be contemporary, yet inviting; warm, yet elegant. Guest will bring themselves to total repose by the appearance of the very secluded 1920’s Biscayne Bungalow. With plush gardens, outdoor dining and a great classic bar inside, this will be a place for people to enjoy there evening from start to finish. Amalgamate this elaborate concept with an award-winning chef that has mastered the art of using cutting edge techniques to create exquisite flavor combinations and the result is pure perfection.

Urbanwood City Gardens

This will truly be one of kind in MIami. Here guest will be able to enjoy an organic experience as they will witness chefs pick there own herbs, vegetables and fruits to be used in there meals. This space will host various Urban Farming and Cooking Classes. It will serve as an outdoor dining, lounge and event space. Sundays will incorporate all of these aspects as it will host Brunch in the City Trees. Miami’s most exclusive and relaxing brunch, with live acoustical music, family and great food.